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Secure Truck Parking across Europe

General meeting on 16th October 2014

in France, Senlis Highway A1 at Sanefgroup Abertis.General Meeting 16.10.2014 [general-meeting-16-10-2014.jpg,144 KB]



TAPA Award 2013

TAPA Award 2013 [tapa-award-uebergabe.jpg,117 KB]

from left to right:
Thorsten Neumann  (Chairman TAPA),
Dirk Penasse (Chairman ESPORG),
Ronny Pflug (Vice Chairman ESPORG)
  ESPORG received the TAPA Award 2013 for their certification program. Surprised and with great joy, Dirk Penasse and Ronny Pflug were able to take the price at the this year's TAPA conference in Berlin.

The commitment for the certification was worth it. Our ambitious goal is to provide high quality secure truck parking areas throughout Europe.

This is only possible if there is a quality control. Thanks to our partner DEKRA we have managed to develop a high level of standards for security parking.


ESPORG Certification audited by DEKRA based on LABEL

Certification ESPORG audit by DEKRA based on LABEL is a fact.

After building a network from secure parkings all over Europe started in 2010, our  next goal in 2012 was to build a certification proces.  Today, May 2013, the proces is ready and carried out through audit from DEKRA based on LABEL.

The first secure parking got the ESPORG certification audit by DEKRA based on LABEL.

The certification from ESPORG is adopted by TAPA and will be presented on the TAPA 2 Q in Kopenhagen on May 16th 2013.

The certified secure parkings recieve a certification and a silber plate with the security level.

The audit results from each secure parking will be publised on the website as well as on the flyers.

The next certification will be the two TOTAL secure Truckstops direction Brussels and Luxembourg in June 2013.

Our goal for 2013-2014 is to have at least 50 members which were awarded with the ESPORG certificate.

  Zertifikat Autohof Wörnitz [zertifikat-autohof-woernitz.jpg,31 KB]
  Zertifizierung Wanlin 01 [zertifizierung-01.jpg,62 KB]
in Wanlin 
Zertifizierung Wanlin 02 [zertifizierung-02.jpg,81 KB] Zertifizierung Wanlin 03 [zertifizierung-03.jpg,63 KB]
Preaudit at Wanlin direction Brussels

ESPORG (European Secure Parking Organisation)

The increasing number of attacks and encroachments on drivers became in
the last months to an important topic in the line of business this one
Transport and logistics world. New headlines always get almost daily
published about violences in the media. This one arises from it
European Union according to a study of the NEA, a volkwirtschaftlicher
Damage in the amount of every year 8.2 bn euros.

Here you see an example from

In summer 2010 the ADAC yielded a test that merely nine of 50 is sure
for lorry car parks in Europe tested. Therefore there is one
Improvement in the lorry parking spaces to the protection of driver and
cargo loadinevitable.

ESPORG takes care this problem. In numerous
countries of Europe ESPORG is active by now. It is the aim of this
organisation, as quickly as possible one Europe-wide net at safety car parks

LKW klau [lkw_klau_startseite.jpg,102 KB]

Security / safety services for the transport market.
We aim to offer a full coverage network of secure truck parkings in Europe.
We aim to attract new members, partners and / or shippers.
If you are interested or want more info, contact us at or by contact


Here you can download our
new Flyer 
Flyer [esporg_flyer_09_2012_web-1.jpg,6 KB]
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